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ISO 9001:2008
-The well maintained office is the best presentation of your company to each visitor. It is part and parcel of the first impression that leaves a mark on your future business contacts;

-The clean office contributes to the multiple enhancement of the productiveness of the staff working in it;

-Entrusting the overall maintenance to a single company inevitably spares you time and money.

Cleaning the office is an activity for the organization and control of which you probably cannot spare the time. By managing the office areas, we aim at not distancing you from your current business tasks; moreover, we will bring you as close as possible to them.

REALIS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT offers you supreme quality long-term maintenance.

Our experience as well as our confidence in the quality of the services we offer are the reason why there are no advance payments with our company.

Realis Property Management offers a complete flexibility of our services, tailored to meet the clients needs and demands. Our staff are motivated to offer the best they can do. Each of the servicing levels is maximally detailed and based on your requirements described in the Offer for You. The complete clarity as to the obligations and responsibilities of each our worker are the basis of our successful performance.
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