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ISO 9001:2008
Preparation of draft budgets for property management
Statistics shows that you need about 25 different ...
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Reporting, documentation and accounting of all the expenses
Our clients receive monthly invoices with...
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Security and receptionists
One of our highest- priority tasks is to ensure the security of the areas we have...
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Maintenance of technical systems
REALIS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT cover the continuously ...
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Complex everyday cleaning
We offer cleaning of floor covering, dust cleaning...
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Delivery of sanitary expendables
We undertake the delivery and supply of sanitary and kitchen premises with all types of expendables such as paper towels...
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Delivery of water and refreshment drinks and equipment for their preparation
Forget the problem of ...
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Maintenance of green areas
In order to finish off our services and enhance the satisfaction of ...
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Garbage disposal
The company organizes the garbage disposal away from the...
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Desinsection and deratization
Desinsection against harmful household insects...
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