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ISO 9001:2008
   Reporting, documentation and accounting of all the expenses

Our clients receive monthly invoices with detailed descriptions of services and materials. You can also receive an invoice including all the expenses /concentrated in one item/ and an additional description with it /at the request of the individual client/.
But not only clients are interested in the details they are the subject of studying and analyses on part of the company managers too. If you have two similar offices and one of them generates higher expenses, before even you have turned to us we will establish the reason and will assist you in achieving a decrease (if applicable).
Our company has established a register scheme for incoming calls, and we carry out detailed entries of all the types of activities carried out and the materials used.

Together with the register system, a plan is maintained in which future activities are entered which are of doubtless importance:
The aim is to regularly monitor the state of the building or office by means of the monitoring definite advantages are achieved for the owner or the renter:
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